dilluns, 9 de març de 2009

Description of a place

There is a place where my mind can be quite and where I can wake up, open windows and see the city I live. This site is named the light city and also are ussually remebered for the place where lovers go.

This city can’t be another one, is Paris. I’ve gone when I was seven years old and I can’t remember all I want now, because I’ve only been in Disneyland Paris.

Is for this reason that I want to go another time if is posible with a girl who can do de trip more special.

Paris has a lot of history, there are places where the king cut a lot of heads of prisoners, Versailles palaces, the Louvre museum and the most I want is walk under trees in Champs Elizees.

Live more french, more quick and faster than our lifes but with the little bars that do this city magic.