dilluns, 2 de març de 2009

Being a celebrity is a good thing

Nowadays, we often see the celebrities, we can see them when they work for example in a film or in a concert, but we usually see them in the press. I strongly believe that it exists a controversy because on the one hand the celebrities claim their right to privacy and try to run away from press and in the other hand they come to the press to explain their life (with some money benefit, of course).

To begin, the celebrities earn a lot of money, and a big part of this money comes from the publicity that they obtain from the media. I think they want the media for achieve money and fame, and then they want their right to privacy, but they can have the two things. However, I personally believe that all the celebrities must to assume the price of the fame. I must to say that not all the celebrities want to be in the press to achieve money, I think that there are celebrities who want to be unobserved. Anyway, they are a minority.

On the other hand, I think that, in the celebrities life, there are aspects really private and other ones that should be in the public domain. The fact is that the celebrities need to be in the public domain to achieve fame and fortune.
I disagree with my classmates who think that celebrities live very well, I think they have another kind of life, they have fame and fortune, but I strongly believe that it’s very difficult this kind of life. We know that lot of celebrities have drug problems, and how many celebrities have committed suicide?

Taking everything into account, I think that every one have the right to privacy, but a celebrity can’t have the same right to privacy that ordinary people; on this way, they wouldn’t be celebrities. They must accept that they privacy will be affected.