dissabte, 28 de febrer de 2009

Obervation your oral presentation

TOPIC: South Africa

1. Did you use any resources? Yes, a powerpoint and two videos.
2. Were the resources relevant and attractive? Yes, they were.

Body language and eye contact:
3. Did you look at your audience most of the time? I look sometimes the power point but I’m think that I look at the audience for the majority time.
4. Did you read from your notes? Only in the numbers how the years.
5. Did you do any gestures/movement to hold the attention of you audience? In the first presentation I move a lot, but in this presentation I had partners and I don’t needed.

6. Did you organize your ideas in order of importance? Yes.
7. Did you use discourse makers to make your ideas more clear? No, I improvize my ideas that I think were correct.

8. Did you introduce interesting, NEW information to your audience? Yes.
9. Did you look up information/facts/ideas in the Internet/books? Yes.
10. Was your information more superficial or more detailed and original? A little bit superficial in geography and politics but detailed in history of the country.

11. Did you use check your grammar? Yes.
12. Did you use rich vocabulary looking up the dictionary? Yes.
13. Did you use sentence linkers? No a lot but yes.
14. Did you use fillers? No, I use the important information I wanted to say.

Pronunciation & Intonation:
15. Did you know how to pronunce all you words? Yes, we practised together a lot.
16. Did you check the pronunciation with a dictionary, a classmate or the teacher? No.
17. Did you change your tone of voice or use a monotone tone all the time? I think that no.
18. Did you speed in a fluid continuum or with breaks and interruptions? In a fluid continuum but with some breaks.

Self-Evaluation: I’m critic and I expect it would be worst than the first, I had more breaks and I didn’t said all I want and I made some grammar errors.

Check your Language and Structure. Can you correct your mistakes?
I think the Structure it's correct because we’ve worked a lot but I’ve done some grammar erros because I were a little bit nervous at the first time and for this reason I made some breaks.