dimecres, 4 de febrer de 2009

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

There are a lot of differences between novels and films, for this reason I want to tell you some differences between the novel and film viewed recently, Frankestein.

The novel has written to Mary Shelleys published in 1818. It has written in Geneva when Lord Byron propose a championship to see who could write the most terrible story. The plot of the novel can be explained in general, because the resume it's the same as film.

Victor Frankestein was a young man who lived in Geneva with his family happily. His father was doctor and him want to become like him or an important person in the medicine camp. Victor's mother always had wanted a daughter, for this reason the family had adopted a poor young girl, Elizabeth. After adopted the poor girl the family had two more sons, William and Ernest.

Film - Victor and Henry meet us in the university.
Novel - Victor and Henry are friends since they're child in Geneva.

Film - Victor extracts the Elizabeth monster's heart.
Novel - Victor destroy the Elizabeth monster's body.

The more important difference between the film and novel is the criature borned in Victor's hands from Elizabeth's dead body. Elizabeth can remeber things she do in past and feels and seeing the monster she is transformed she burn herself.