dimecres, 28 de gener de 2009

Tajik women who buy and sell babies

There are lots of families that want to have a son or a daughter but they can’t. In Tajikistan there is an immoral and unethical solution, sell abandoned babies. This solution is very common in this country and it’s very easy for the users.

Mothers who don’t earn a lot of money abandon their babies in the hospital because their sons living in a better family, health and live. A nurse who has participated in these actions has remembered to us that she has been in experience of this kind.

She remembered the case of a woman whose child died ant they were replaced obtaining them from other hospital. She described these actions saying: “They did give me money but I didn't ask for it”. Was the hospital paying the silence?
However it is very common these sell babies, there aren’t accepted to law naturally. People must do secretly these negotiations, because if the police catch they the prison will be waiting their for a eight years.