dimecres, 21 de gener de 2009


Trainspotting is the story of a group of young adults growing up in Edinburgh in the 1980's. Together they struggle to survive experimenting with heroin and each other. One of them has the vision and the sense to see he must break free from his friends and wasteful life.This is an amazing collection of little stories leading to the inevitable escape of Renton who finally breaks free from his friends and Edinburgh by ripping them off.

Trainspotting opens with two men racing down the street. We are also introduced to some of the main characters, including Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie, Spud and Tommy. Later, in an apartment, Renton and his friends do drugs and make out with each other. Renton's voice explains that he and his friends are not completely stupid. He describes how he thinks the sensation of doing drugs, particularly shooting heroin, easily tops even the best possible orgasm.

They have an important quantity of drug and they sale it. Renton is leaving with the money, he sees that Spud is awake and has noticed what he is doing. Spud says nothing and does not alert the others. Renton steals the money. Renton realizes that he has treated his friends poorly, but he only feels bad about hurting Spud, who is a decent person. The next morning, Begbie discovers the missing money and angrily breaks everything in the room.