dimecres, 14 de gener de 2009

Description of a person

In this entrance I want to describe a friend for you to know him a little bit better. This friend is Francesc Farrés. I know him since we went to primary school; he’s sixteen as me and he’s a little bit taller than me. We study in different classes but in the same centre. Every morning her mum picks us to high school by car. Francesc, known as Fran is a strange person.

He’s very superstitious with all things he can find in his life. Thursday 13th is the worst day of the year for him. Curiously his grandmother died and Fran has been ill a lot of years in this date. I think Fran is a nice person when he wants but in general is very critical of people. He has a lot of friends because is a friendly person. Fran is mad about football; he loves Barça and now more than ever because his prefer football player is Thierry Henry but he hate some barça players as Lionel Messi.

Fran is a pretty boy, he has brown short hair with eyes to game of greenish. He has a normal mouth with very well teeth and he is a brown boy of skin. He's a very good football player who plays in Esplais, the football team of Castelló d'Empúries where he live with his family. He has a little brother but it's him who "cuts the cod" when they discuss.

I want to be his friend for a long time because is one of my best friends I can tell secrets and we discuss our problems.