dilluns, 1 de març de 2010

Formal letter

63, Panissars street
Castelló d'Empúries
17 th February 2010

Mr. Barack Obama
1, The White House

Dear Barack Obama,

The main reason I'm writing this letter at this moment is because the climate change is destroying our planet. I know you have to receive a lot of letters of citizens and sure they are more interesting than this theme for you, but my reasons are sincere.

At the beginning I want to ask you a few questions that probably will provoke a reflection on you. Which Home planet would like your children to inherit? I think anybody wants to create a world where rainforests, exhaust fumes and acid rain are the quotidian vision of world, all affecting endangered species, humans habitats or definitely our planet. It is something annoying because the reality of our days is like this. Can governments change this situation? I think that if you take a plane and fly across important naturals reserves you will find a part of them destroyed, with endangered species are living in and will die.

Climate is the rule of the world, like Take That's song explain, a rule which has been creating Nature, our mother. Do you think it's strange that only animal species in world is destroying all in his pass is the human? You will think, and I wish it, that we are thinking the same. Humans are the error of Nature, the only species who can destroy his planet and only who can save it.

To conclude this letter I have to say that it is an important honour you are reading this paper because you, politicians, are the only ones who can create a solution taking a verdict in relation with other countries in world. Because it does not matter if we are English, French, Chinese of Japanese, we are human and the world where we are living is the same.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Roger (an human living in an ill planet)