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Pride & Prejudice's forum

Forum 1:

To Katy's surprise a boy is commenting in this forum. First of all I believe what Katy's said about Romanticism is completely right. In our days it seems that the only way a person can be romantic is saying nice adjectives to his partner and enjoying sweet and tenderness with someone. In other centuries a romantic person was someone who wishes the suicide!

In other way, I think this kind of book can like to boys or girls indeferently, it depends, how Marta has said, with the kind of person they are. Certainly, girls are more followers of love stories but the reason could be that there are different ways to see love.

Probably in girls it seems in a story like Pride and Prejudice, like "Crepusculo", but specially for me there isn't a way better than the sight with a person or, if you prefer write it, a poem where we can reflect all our feelings. I'm not a girl and I like love stories, but they could be boring at the end because Love has been the main theme of writings of lot of important writers in centuries past.

"Love is a temporary madness." - St. Augustine

Forum 2:

Firstly I have to say that Katy has a real point of view about life. Like her, I think marriages have been the solution to lot of families to could live.

Moreover I believe different as Júlia, money issue has been and will be the reason why, like Cèlia says, we could find attractive girls with older rich men, like our days, like now. In other way, these "money-marriages" have been reduced in pass of time because of the improvement of the social circumstances and quality of life.

Today more people would marriage with someone he really loves. So, I can say it has been and improvement of our society, the society of lovers in the name of love.

Forum 3:

1. Cèlia's question:

Family's honour has been important in all centuries, because of the reputation of a good family. Broke the honour there was the worst thing a familiar can do to his family, it could represents his apart of society or bad manners and bad words when someone was referring to this family. Nevertheless, I think in our days it has been reduced a lot because when we are doing something we don't think about our family's honour. I think words that depreciate family aren't not the same than

2. Pau's question:

Lol! It's true that in our class the main theme of discussion during the film was who's the most beautiful girl. But to answer this question we must know what be beautiful means at the film century. There were a lot of centuries that a beautiful girl means someone blonde with white skin that was a meaning of luxury. In other way in our times, I prefer Miss Elizabeth Bennet because his beautiful and attractive face, it isn't only a body's perspective. The intelligence Lizzy has could be some attractive to some boys and is a way to be more interested in a girl with mystery in his eyes and mouth, like her. What do you think guys?

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Lourdes ha dit...

Great job Roger, nice blog, mature and varied, however I could only read fournew posts in your-say!!

It's a really good idea to finish your writings with a quote !!

"Kindness in words creates confidence…Kindness in thinking creates profoundness..Kindness in giving creates love."
~ Lao Tzu