divendres, 5 de març de 2010

Oral presentation: History of the family - A look to the past

To start with the Presentation, I don't used any powerpoint as a resource like all my companions have done, my principal resource was be a geneogolist tree I print of all my family at complete.

Referring to
Body Language & Eye contact part I still move my hands so much. At the beginning I was sit down because of my nervous but early I stood up and shows with more expressive movements what I wanted to say.

As the presentation was about my research project, the
Structure was really good. I introduced the topic, spoke about my objectives, explained some theory followed by a practical part, and I finished with some conclusions. I also used some markers to help audience follow along.

Content I think was very good, because it shows all my long work I've done last year working hard to my research project.

As for the
Language, the grammar was correct but sometimes I've done mistakes its could disappear next time, in my perspective I see it was clear enough to follow.

And the
Pronunciation was comprehensible I think, but sadly I was so embarrassed and nervous because some times I don't find words to explain something that appeared in my mind at the moment. Furthermore I have to improve my intonation because sometimes it was hard to comprehend.

Like Lourdes has said, I feel so nervous in this oral presentation and it's a think that impress me because I don't feel so nervous normally. Although I think this presentation could has be so long much better and for this reason I don't expect to have any good mark, if not only six points or similar.

Finally, my oral presentation to show you the work that could has be much better: