diumenge, 9 de maig de 2010

Influence of psychologists

When we think about the word psychologist immediately we think about a person who could help us. Someone whom through speaking, can determine what is our psychological problem.

Obviously we know that we have a problem in our lives the first thing we are thinking about is to go to someone on this "mind doctors". For this reason we can say psychologists influence our society with their knowledge about mind and their experience.

Nevertheless, what could happens when someone of this kind of people use their own opinions without psychological knowledge? We leave to fall ourselves in hands of a man that can use us like dolls, like he wants.

To conclude, we can say psychology is a risk we have to depend on if we are in serious problems, but in general and it is my opinion, we should no leave ourselves in hand of only one person.

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Lourdes ha dit...

I love the picture you've found for this writing!
Your oral is missing. I have it on my pendrive, so if you want to post it you only have to ask me, OK?