dilluns, 17 de maig de 2010


As long as we’ve been in high school we’ve worked in different ways of learning. Today we are in the final weeks of all our english high school studies and it represents we are so stressed and excited because of the final exams. But all isn’t negative, still we are working with blog and portfolio sources we can see our improvement in the two years of batxillerat. (What an improvement!)

Firstly I want to compare my first doccument of all my english studies: my first e-mail sended to my first of batxillerat teacher, Gemma. You can see this composition in this web link:


On my point of view in this first e-mail I can see different ways of improvement I’ve followed to the final one I’ve done, like the long of compositions or the more presence of past and passive sentences. In other way, I think my vocabulary and obviusly maturity have improved a lot. You can see what I say between the past link and this one:


There is an enormous change, isn’t there? Step to step I’ve improved all ways I use to learn this special language which is spoken and learnt around all the world. So I only think that these two years of Batxillerat have been the better way we’ve could use to improve our english skills.

We’ve talked about writting, but what abou oral english skills? Unfortunately I think I’ve only improved only on the way of imagination while I was speaking, fluency. Nevertheless I’ve to say my last oral presentations haven’t been better than the first.

For this reason I think my first oral presentation has been the better I’ve done in Batxillerat, and the mark reflect it:


Front of last one:


The main reason has been the lot of work and probably the less work to learn in by memory how other persons have done. But I’m happy with all work we’ve done, I don’t speak individually.

To conclude, myself and other my classmates have done a lot of work these years to improve which is the main language in world and the way how to comunicate with other countries or persons and cultures.