dimecres, 22 d’abril de 2009

US woman gets dead fiance's sperm

A New York woman named Gisela Marrero has done the most unusual thing that world ever seen. Did you think that you could have a son after your partner's death? Gisela Marrero has answered this question doing it.

The day before her partner's death, Johnny Quintana, they spoke about have another child and they thought about his future. But they didn't expect the man would die of heart attack. After Johnny's death, Gisela wanted to do their dreams real and she has extract his semen and use it to has their wished son.

She had She had "only 36 hours semen before it would have become unusable" - says her. For this reason, with an order to do it, she wanted to do in the same hospital where were her partner's cadaver. They were together, but in different ways.

semen - esperma
heart attack - atac de cor
unusable - inútil