dimarts, 7 d’abril de 2009

Wimbledon (fragment)

An older tennis player, Peter Colt, is in the final of his career. He want to participate in his last competition, the Wimbledon tournament. Ranked in 119th position, everybody remember him for a player who arrives to 11th position in rank ATP, grandmothers generally. Only their family think they can win Wimbledon, 'cause they're dreamers.

Peter has a tennis player friend with who trains, Dieter Prohl, in the same position as him. Peter has eliminated all their tennis ambitions and him and his trainer partner want to finish his career playing to fun. But Peter Colt didn't know what was been waiting for him in tournament and which changes in his life will bring it.

Wimbledon begins. Tv, radio, journalists, public, all people think that Peter Colt won't advance to next round, or simply, they don't know that Peter Colt exists. All people is concentrated in number one, a pretty and young tennis player that want to wins Wimbledon. But everything isn't lost to Peter.

He begins his stage in Wimbledon going to an hotel, where the recepcionist will give him the key for the most luxury suite. In this room, he find a pretty girl having a shower. For this reason he want to sleep in other room, but thinking about her.

He starts to train throwing balls against tins when, lucky, appear the woman of shower who laugh to him, a tenis player too. This woman, Lizzie Bradbury, is an american tennis star who comes to win Wimbledon in her category. All journalists and medias are crazy with her and more than others, his father-manager Dennis Bradbury who protects her to do anything. She have to be concentrated.

Lizzies invite Peter to his room, and finally, they fall in love. While Peter is playing his first match, which is losing, Lizzies appears among public. React to see her, Peter wins the match. In second round, he have to play against his friend Dieter. Peter wins. Everybody is confusing about Peter play, he has never played like now. How he has change his play? The answer of this question is a girl name.

tins - llauna
luxury - luxós
career - carrera esportiva