divendres, 27 de novembre de 2009

Human Rights

1. What are human rights?

Human rights are the rights you can have because you're human. All humans of any kind of society or religion have these rights.

2. When did human rights start?

These rights started 10th December of 1948. But at the same time they didn't exist there were a kind of human right in the interior of any person, a feeling like compassion that does we better humans.

3. Why were they created?
To less clear the dignity of a person and the valor a person could has amongst others.

4. How many human rights are there?
There are 30 articles.

5. Which human right were you not familiar with?
All of them because we find them in our lives.

6. Choose one human right and discuss:
Article 3: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

"Live and less live" (The Jungle Book) I can begin this discussion with Balu's quote in The Jungle Book film of Disney because it's one of the things I've learn in my childhood and now I can use it to describe this article of Human Rights.

Everybody can has the right to life because nature have give him this present. It's a thing anybody can't takes from you if not it's killing you. But we have to discuss the important theme of this article. A person it's free to has the life he want with security of any government and to has a life how she want.

There are radical persons thinking that if a person hasn't got his ideologists is not a person and for this reason, a barber. For this reason, too, we have this article in Human Rights.

7. Are Humans rights relevant in the world today? why?

Yes, they are relevant to improve the treatment with persons and to defend persons in danger, they have supposed a past and an after in time. In other way, there are many corruption governments that are not defenders of Human Rights and don't respect them.