dijous, 26 de novembre de 2009

Self-evaluation: Google history

In this post I want to do a critical self-evaluation of my first oral presentation in this term which it has been about Google history. So I pretend to revise all the important parts of an oral presentation to give me a hypothetical mark. The finality of this comment is you can see the points you've done worse to improve them in the next oral presentation of the next term.


To do my oral presentation I've used a power point to support my explanation. I was been using internet images to create this power point that curiously I've found in Google images, one of a lot of applications Google has.


I have to be ill to don't see public the major time of my oral presentations. It's one of the characteristics I can give to myself. However I think it's a thing my evaluators haven't appreciated when I've done my oral presentation. I've never seen the paper I take and which I was been moving all time because of the nervous, but it's normal. I've tried to give public the most nearly explanation to them with an eye contact I was been searching all time and which I've found at the most important moment of the presentation, the conclusion.


The structure I was been following is an introduction with the origin of Google. It was followed to the Google term meaning and after I've explained the acquisitions, relationships and applications this company have done with the past of time.Finally I've concluded my oral presentation with a good critical to big companies like Google.


I think the content of my oral presentation was completely unknown to the audience. Anybody knew anything about Google history: his origin, his name meaning, his relationships with other companies... For this reason I think the content was good in a general term. I know that I've could include more things but I've find a lot of unnecessary things to explain that weren't important to know the general meaning of this company.


To do the oral presentation I use to use simply grammar and I pretend to introduce new terms and concepts audience don't know, but it is never easy. I've included technical words, like mathematical concepts to describe the Google name. However I think it's one of the most important things I should to improve, the enrichment of my english vocabulary.


In a presentation, it's normal be nervous and it can be reflected in the intonation or in the vocalization of words. Maybe in some parts of the presentation I've speed a lot, but surprisingly my oral presentation is 5 minutes long, so the perfect time.


Presentation: 7/10%
Body language and eye contact: 9/10%
Structure: 8/10%
Content: 30/40%
Language: 15/20%
Pronunciation and intonation: 6/10%

TOTAL: 75/100%

To conclude this self-evaluation I want to do my point of sight other evaluations. This presentation is a chase that have surprised me, because some persons have evaluated to me with very good marks and congratulation to me, however, there are other people that have said me they weren't know what I said. I think it could be because of the speed pronunciation of much words, so I pretend to improve it.