dijous, 26 de novembre de 2009

"It's time for electronic books. Paper books are history." Do you agree?

We can see ourselves watching a computer, in our days is the most common thing, we use it every day. We can be sure that past societies had never thought about the invention which has transformed our era in the PC era. Every day more scientists in the world are investigating to create new electronic things, one of these inventions is the E-Book or also called electronic books.

Firstly, teachers of medicine are always saying that we are damaging our sight using computers. Young people are wearing glasses more and more, why? Because of the new electronic teaching system that fosters the government. I think the education is going worse. I completely disagree with the new programme of the country, because ten-year-old students are beginning to use computers to learn. Books are programmed in PCs. Their sight would we damaged and they won't learn in paper, they won't read novels. Which kind of education is the one that promotes students not to use a pencil and a paper?

Secondly, I only can agree this situation, thinking that it's something that we can stop, something that we have to see and we will have to live. I think we rescue trees using this method. But humans have tendency to destroy everything in his way, if we do not destroy trees to create paper we will destroy to do another thing.

To sum up, I will protest to this new education. Young people have to read more than now and in a computer, we lose the feeling of reading. Definitely I think politicians have to improve this system and create steps to success in an electronic world with paper that can be their friend.