diumenge, 31 de maig de 2009

Final evaluation

We are finishing first batxillerat and how is normal we are in the worst weeks of the year. But all isn't negative, in a few weeks we will have finished the year and we'll can enjoy the summer (badly with an enormous weight in back named research project ^^').

The first think I'm done to write this final evaluation has been see all portfolio. At the beginning, my posts were shorter than now (all than in anywhere, my blog posts) and I think that teacher had to spend more time correcting my mistakes (I'm sorry!). In general I think blog and portfolio have been different ways to work, so amazing!

Step to step, I've seen my improvement (more or less) in all activities we've done. In the first term I'm not able to listen a song and write all his lyric, now yes and if I can done it, would be I want to improve. I think writtings and listenings have been the most important ways where we've learnt, because in writtings we have to show all our knowledge about english language and in listenings, we have to show how we know the language in practics. Other activities have result very amazing and interesting, as oral presentations and podcasts to improve our speak for example.

I think next year we will improve a lot more about english secrets. Because this year have been a surprise box, the blog, the podcast, three oral presentations... It not seems, but we've worked a lot!