diumenge, 31 de maig de 2009

We have almost learnt to respect our world. Do you agree?

Every day we open tv where there are some news remembering us that we are in a bad crises. But people who do these news know population knowledge about troubles in our world? People don't know totally the contamination there is because of first world industries.

It seems to me that news have to inform to population, more than what they inform, about the principal issues that are doing the blue planet, the black planet. I think that Kyoto's treated has been the only one think have done more contaminant countries to favour the world. Badly, United States is the first country in the contaminant rank and don't seems that want to stop his pollution.

In addition, I think that there are a lot of people without know the consequences of not respect the world. For this reason they don't respect its and contribute to make a worst world unintentionally. These people don't open tv news ussually and they don't know what are doing rich countries with the world where we have to live.

To sum up I want to say that people who don't know planet circunstances isn't because they're not informed, because simply they don't open tv news and newspapers. If not because they don't want to know what planet is afected by our hands. The respect of world will can increase, but we won't be able to erase the actions the humanity have done. There isn't any way to slow down. If the future discovers don't know a new place where the humans can live, we won't have time to see the Sun exploits that already we will have exploited our planet before.