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Oral presentation transcription

Critical issues

Africa's hunger is the consequence of a series of related factors. Africa is a very big continent, all the countries have a similar problem But there are four critical issues.
The first would be Decades of poorness in rural areas, which have little political power.
There is a lot of corruption in towns and cities in Africa. The poor government is a major issue in many African countries and one of the main issues for lack of food in the continent. Problems such as corruption, and nepotism can greatly effect further contruction.

Unchecked population growth

In some parts of Africa land is plentiful, and this is not a problem. But in others it has had severe consequences.
It has forced farming families to divide their land time and again to make space for other people to plant there harvest, and it’s so bad because there will never be a good crop.
72 percent of all africa's land is unplanable meaning that only 30 percent of all the land in africa is plantable and the nutrient levels have declined over the past 30 years.

The result is that a continent that was self sufficient in food 50 years ago, is now a massive food importer. The book The African Food Crisis says that in less than 40 years tafrica went from being a net exporter of basic food to relying on food aid.
Thanks many charities like oxfam, ripple africa, sos children village ans score ethiopia many childrens lives have been saved, but if these charities were to run out of funding there would be a high rais in deaths in africa, so maby one day you to could give some money away.

World Hunger
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