dimecres, 13 de maig de 2009

Jake & Roger



- Where you been Roger - I haven't seen you for weeks.

- I've been in the jail, so I have.

- Jail?

- Yeah - four weeks in the bloody jail.

- Your kidding!

- No - some people got annoyed at the name I gave my baby.

- Away! Did you call him Muhammad and get those Muslims annoyed.

- No - I know better than to call him Muhammad.

- Well did you call him Jesus and get the Pope all upset?

- Don't be stupid!

- Was it Abraham? Did you go and upset all your Jewish friends.

- No! I wouldn't do that.

- Well what did you call him then?

- Inra . . . Inra-Cludgie

- Inra! - Who did that offend - Church of Scotland? Hindus? Buddhists? Chinese?

- No! I didn't offend any religious groups.

- So why did you get bunged up in prison for calling the baby Inra?

- Cos it's such a shite name.

- True . . . good point.