divendres, 28 de novembre de 2008

Adrian Mole vs Thirteen

After read Adrian's Mole book and see Thirteen I want to compare them. The two treat of teenagers with different problems.

Adrian Mole
The book is the diary of Adrian Mole, which he starts at 1 January. He’s mad at his mum because she doesn’t give him healthy food. In January his parents get ill and Adrian feels sorry for himself because he has to take care of his parents. The neighbour, Mr. Lucas, visits Adrian’s mother very often, even when she’s recovered. At school there is a new girl, Pandora, and Adrian is in love with her. Adrian has to take care of an 89-year-old man, Bert Baxter. And when Adrian finds out his best friend Nigel is going out with Pandora he feels very depressed. In the mean while Adrian’s mother visits Mr. Lucas very often and after a few days she gets a job at the same office as Mr. Lucas and she rides to work with him every day.

Because of this, Adrian’s parents argue a lot. Barry Kent, a classmate of Adrian demands money. Adrian can’t pay him and it's the reason Barry hurt him. In November his mother sends a telegram, in which she says she is coming home, and his parents fall in love again. In January Bert Baxter marries with Queenie. And his father finally finds a job. Adrian and Pandora make a fight, but after a few days, they make it up again. The diary ends on April 3, a day after Adrian’s birthday.

Thirteen is a little bit different as Adrian Mole. Overcoat because the situations are very different.

Tracy it's a teenager formal. When he change to high-school she has envy of popular girls and she want to dress like a popular girl. The girls seen her and accept Tracy in their group after steal a wallet. Tracy hurts herself because she has a lot of problems in her house, her mother don't make attention in her and his father lives far.

Evie, a popular girl transform Tracy with another person, they consume drugs and alcohol. Tracy's mother is mad because he can't stop de transformation oh Tracy insipirated in the Evie's model. Finally, Evie, the problem of all causes returned to her house and Tracy want to be a normal girl.