dissabte, 29 de novembre de 2008

South Africa 'at risk of cholera'

In South Africa the situation for the water is critical. Few persons have died intent trying to obtain drinkable water crossing Zimbabwe. A scientist, Mr.Turton has travel to there investigate the situation, but the Council of Scientific has suspended him to an affirmation that is passing in our days, "heading for a significant crisis in the water sector". For this reason, it's probably that these people didn't dead for the undrinkable water but the water could be contaminated of cholera.
The important groups of scientists don't think like Mr.Turton and say that it's an unnapropiate argument. But, if it is real, a lot of south african lives are in danger.

The South African government has denied this affirmation because they have witnees that the water is drinkable and it's tottally health. But an important group support Mr.Turton. South Africa's Minister of Health, Barbara Hogan, said South Africa has nearly 200 cases reported so far, but we can't call it a cholera crisis.