dimarts, 4 de novembre de 2008

Horror story

In 1713 the family Cunningham were living in a village near San Diego. This family was normal at first time you seen, but they were passed a lot of tragic situations. Billy, the little boy of the family had eight years old, while he went to bring a bucket with water of the well, Mary, Billy’s mother, has listened a strange noise of the bucket falling down. Billy didn’t was anywhere but the bucket still was rolling on the floor.
Billy was buried in San Diego and the police less the case open.

Family Cunningham where less the house and they changed San Diego to New Orleans. San Diego was living in calm up to our days... The last year, a member of the Cunningam family has bought the house where have lived their forbears, he didn’t know anything about it. He was married with a woman and they have two girls, and a little boy. They have pass the best time of their lives in the house but they didn’t know the house will bring them the death.

When Bill had eight years old, his parents gift him a little bucket to play with the sand in summer, it was a inocently present in their eyes but it have been the object of the crime. A day, Bill was playing near the well, doing sand castles when a person entered into the garden and put a bucket upside down like a step, Bill rosed by him and he couldn’t see the water in the end of well. From this day, nobody knows anymore about Bill... The police found a note with: “the nightmare killed me, Billy”.