diumenge, 23 de novembre de 2008

Oral presentation - Transcription

HI, I'm Roger and I'm student, well student now, I wanna be Catalonia's President. Well, my oral presentation it's about U.S. elections. Why? Because I've watched tv every day this year and all time U.S. elections appeared in it.
U.S. elections are composed by two different parties, the democratic party and the republican party. Yes, the logos are a donkey and an elephant.
Well. The elections americans are a little bit different as our one. First, the country chooses the representative of political party to be in presidency elections. This year, the most hardly primaries, the name of this first elects, have been the democratic primaries with two opponents that has been Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Obama won with a difference of 43 superdelegates.While Obama won his democratic primaries, John McCain won without problems his personal primaries. Well, the battle for the presidency was served. McCain would have to see the faces with Obama, a man who increased his reputation every day he talk.
To vote, let me explain. Citizens must vote to compromisaries of a party or each other. The largest number of compromisaries won and the votes of all the state go with a party.
There was a lot of polls that won John McCain, but the important quote was in 4th November that won Barack Obama with a reult, an historical marck 349 to 163 delegates.
Let's hope the new president will improve the economic, sanitary, belong to Kyoto's agreement and solve the country in war, Iraq. But , the United States will be a country dangerlike it is in our days, with the current acting president George Walker Bush, also called the stupid in images, you can see.
Finally, we want to listen a video and you'll can make me some questions and I'll try to answer it, thank you.