dissabte, 29 de novembre de 2008

How the turtle's shell evolved

A group of scientists have discovered a 220 million-year-old turtle fossil from China, that they can see the turtle’s shell evolved and how it become in nowadays turtle. In the prehistory was a swimming animal and had the tail more long than “modern turtle”. A scientist who was the first in study this fossil was Dr. Wu. It was an important archaeological find to reject other possible hypotheses of the creation turle’s shell. The fossilised turtle ancestor, which has been named Odontochelys semitestacea, meaning half-shelled turtle with teeth.

It’s propably that only live in rivers or deltas because the fossil explain us that the ancestor turtle had a maritim live. When the turtle only lived in the water, they have more potency to swim to scape to the predators. The shell was developed because when the turtles want to floor, they haven’t got any protection and only the turtles with a more stronger shell survive unleashing that the turtle in our days is with a stong shell.