dissabte, 29 de novembre de 2008

Protection boost for rare gorilla

Cameroon has created a new primate park to protect the critical situation that been Cross River gorillas, the most strangest subspecy in the gorilla's world.

There are 115 Cross River gorillas in the new national park of 300 there are in the world plusing all the subspecies. In Rome have been an agreement to protect this primates. This agreement was formed by all the countries have a subspecy. An important association (The Wildlife Consevation Society) helped to build this primate reservation where Cross River gorillas will can be more free and reparing his population.
The reason for this population falling are the wars of african countries have primates reserves and killed him to survive, to eat. Because the gorilla skin it’s apreciated and searched by primates hunters. And other reason is the deforestation of the planet that the natural environment must have the primates is eliminated. Cause they don’t know where go and they starve and died. Fotunally a coalition of groups, has declarated 2009 the Year of the Gorilla in an attemp the protect them and inform people what it’s happen in the world.